Click-And-Collect Meals

Galtres meals to enjoy at home!

Chris and I have been very busy during this enforced time "off", from decorating, to accounting, planning, and marketing for when we can re-open.  However after several weeks, we started to become unhappy and nervous about the lack of life in the business, and decided that we need to start opening things up again as much as we can whilst carefully following all the current guidance.  Whilst the restaurant has been closed as per instruction, we have always said that the hotel has remained open to accomodate key workers or those travelling for essential reasons if it were needed for such.  As it turns out the demand for this has been very small in York, and we have been empty most nights since this situation began. 

Now that there is talk of things re-opening, we realised what a stark change it would be to go from our level of closure (tools everywhere etc) to being open.  For this reason we have decided to start the re-opening process from now.  We do have some key workers booked to stay with us, which will bring life into the hotel bedrooms; the Shambles market is due to re-open this week, non-essential shops able to open from in a couple of weeks time, and there are indeed people in the streets again.

Therefore we have launched a click-and-collect takeway service - served out of our "service window" from the restaurant out on to Low Petergate - it's funny, but it works really well!

We started with a small selection of classic takeaway items, all cooked with the best local produce (shout out to the fantastic Swains Family Butcher and Cross of York Fishmonger on the shambles market!), cooked with loving expertise by our chef. 

Now we plan to add more dishes, including a "restaurant meal at home" to showcase what we're really good at, and what you might experience if you were able to join us for a seated meal - which we hope you do one day in the future!

~ Order online anytime, for collection at any of the following times:  Friday 12-8pm, Saturday 12-8pm, Sunday 10am-6pm
~ Visit www.galtreslodge.uk/takeaway

If the service window is open (Fri pm, Sat all day, Sun am) then you can order with us in person. Please note there may be a short wait for hot food as everything is cooked fresh and we may have online orders to process as well. Why not take a stroll and we can contact you when food’s ready!

You can choose a collection date and time when you order, and then collect your food from our service window on Low Petergate. You can arrive on foot or you can even drive to us (instructions are on our website when you order).

On Saturday and Sunday daytimes, our service window will be open serving hot drinks and cakes, as well as our chef's "Takeaway Toad" (miniature version of toad in the hole - home-made Yorkshire pudding served with a Swains Family Butchers’ sausage, and home-made gravy).

Please support us in this, as this is a crucial first step into our re-opening plan.  Like any other small business, we have been severely impacted financially, and we are really dedicated to looking after our staff as much as we can.  As the government support on wages is scheduled to reduce, we need to generate some revenue to be able to do this.


We hope to see you at "the hatch" one weekend soon!

Many thanks, Rebecca X