Eating Al Fresco | Relax With Friends in Forest This Summer

Eating Al Fresco | Relax with Friends in Forest This Summer

The sun is out, the birds are singing - what are you doing? Eating al fresco, of course!


As soon as the weather warms up, we’re all immediately heading to our favourite restaurants to dine in the sun with a glass of something cold. 


This summer, make Forest your go-to destination:


Eating Al Fresco: Preparing Our Summer Menu

Summer is slowly but surely approaching; the sun is shining and we are ready for the months ahead of eating, drinking and having fun. 


Here at Forest, we’re currently working on an updated menu full of fresh, seasonal and locally sourced produce, ideal for eating al fresco this summer. 


Call your friends, grab a table outdoors, and tuck in to our delicious menu…


Eating Al Fresco in Our Courtyard Garden

Our courtyard garden is an idyllic spot for relaxed dining. The intimate, chic space provides the perfect backdrop for eating al fresco with your friends this summer. 


Pose for a photo against our red brick walls or with our pink bicycle - and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram.


Eating al fresco is great - but we understand how unpredictable our English weather can be. We have plenty of space indoors too, so don’t let the weather get you down; come and dine anyway!


Indulge in Our Delicious Cocktails

Eating al fresco in the sun is the perfect excuse to enjoy a drink with your friends. 


Whether you’re starting early with brunch, having a leisurely lunch, or are enjoying an evening meal out, our bar staff will be only too happy to help you get in the mood with a delicious cocktail or two.


Eating Al Fresco: Enjoy Our Relaxed Vibe

Here at Galtres Lodge, it’s important to us to ensure that each of our guests feels comfortable, whilst maintaining a buzzing atmosphere. 


Our sleek interiors, chic furniture and friendly team create a cosy yet vibrant space to relax. Sit back, order some wine and enjoy the gentle buzz around you.


Ready for a summer of fun? Contact our team to book your table in Forest.


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