Eating Out in York | Behind-the-Scenes with Our Waitress, Rosa

Eating Out in York | Behind-the-Scenes with Our Waitress, Rosa

Are you keen to discover the best place for eating out in York?


This week, our wonderful waitress, Rosa, is sharing an insight into her role here at Forest restaurant, and why it’s the perfect place for you to enjoy a relaxed yet vibrant dining experience:


Meet our Wonderful Waitress, Rosa

Rosa has been working as a waitress in Forest for three months, having joined the hospitality industry in order to meet new people. She said, “I love to work with different people, talk to customers and interact with new people every day. 


“I enjoy learning about people of different ages and nationalities - although, sometimes, communicating with them can be quite challenging as I’m Spanish!”


Rather than letting communication barriers stand in her way, though, Rosa uses her bilingual skills to create interesting and dynamic relationships with our guests.


Eating Out in York: Behind-the-Scenes

Working in hospitality is often fast-paced and the opening hours are long in order to accommodate breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. 


This means there are rotations of staff throughout the day. Rosa said, “One of the most important aspects of working in a restaurant is taking the time before you finish your shift to leave it clean for the next person.”


Teamwork is an important element in ensuring that our service runs smoothly and efficiently, and that the transition of staff is as seamless as possible. This helps with continuity throughout the day, without compromising the quality of food and service we deliver.


Eating Out in York: Forest

Galtres Lodge is situated in the heart of York, just a stone’s throw from York Minster.  It’s a small city with a vibrant atmosphere. It has a rich history and the buildings are full of character and charm, so our restaurant sees a broad spectrum of visitors each day.


Rosa said, “It’s a beautiful small city. You get to know lots of people working in hospitality - both colleagues and customers - and you often see them around the city. It feels like home.”


We design our menu to make eating out in York a pleasant experience that will appeal to many. We incorporate links to York, such as our miniature Yorkshire puddings, and source ingredients from local areas. 


We’ve worked hard to transform Forest into a welcoming, comfortable, chic environment, and our outdoor space into a stunning ‘secret garden’ that complements the eating out in York experience.


Rosa said, “I love Forest; it’s decorated beautifully and the staff are great. If I had to describe the restaurant in three words, I would choose ‘best job ever!’”


If you’d like to come and experience eating out in York, please contact a member of our team to book your table.

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