Dining out in York

Our favourite places to dine out in York

Hi all, Rebecca here - hope everyone is well!
Yesterday I had a lovely chat with a guest who was asking for recommendations of places to dine in York.  I said US obviously!  But they are staying for 2 nights so I suppose it's OK for them to dine elsewhere on one evening!  I joke - we are very collaborative  and we are happy to make recommendations for our competitors, as we want our guests to have the best time possible.  This particular guest was bringing a dog, so needed dog friendly suggestions, but here is the list I sent - some but not all are dog friendly, all are GREAT for a night out!
Pairings Wine Bar
A bit of a longer walk, but still only around 10 minutes I think (1.3 miles), you walk down Coppergate and the restaurant is just around the corner from Cliffords Tower so it’s a scenic walk!  Pairings is run by 2 sisters and they’re an independent business like ours.  The food is more like charcuterie meats and cheeses rather than a full meal, really lovely feel and atmosphere.  Reasonably priced.  Dog friendly.
Star In The City
Sister restaurant of Mr Ps (above).  We prefer Mr P’s for the atmosphere as the tables are in nooks and crannies, so it feels really relaxed.  Star in the City feels more formal, and more restaurant-y, so is a more traditional restaurant experience if that’s what you’d prefer.  I think this one might be slightly more expensive, but not hugely so, still reasonable as the food is really good.  Dog friendly, but we’ve never taken our dog in here as he doesn’t sit still, and the tables used to be quite close together and Toby would definitely end up getting under people’s feet!  I’m writing this in the time of Coronavirus so I'm sure it won’t be like that now with social distancing between tables, and other dogs might be better behaved than ours!
The following are probably not dog friendly, but we really like!
Phranakhon - Thai food
I couldn’t tell you how to pronounce the name of this place but the food is amazing!  It is also really close to us, just at the end of the road opposite ours (about 230 feet).  The best Thai I’ve ever had (and I have been to Thailand!), really nice atmosphere.  Reasonably priced.  I’m not sure if they’re dog friendly, and if I had to guess I’d say they’re probably not, sorry!
If you wanted a more traditional fine dining experience, The Ivy is only a short walk away from us (0.2 miles), it still has a good atmosphere, but is not quirky as it’s obviously part of a chain.  Food is lovely though.  Very nice interiors etc.  Probably slightly more expensive than the above 2 options, and a very different experience, more formal restaurant style.  As above, I presume not dog friendly, but might be worth checking.
Le Cochon Aveugle
Another fine dining option, their name means “blind pig” so they serve a blind tasting menu, it’s a very small restaurant but the food is excellent, they are also hyped up to gain a Michelin star some day.  Possibly the most pricey option on my list.  A bit of a longer walk also as 0.4 miles away.  Probably not dog friendly.  However their sister wine bar is dog friendly and is just a couple of doors down from their main restaurant - I think they do more snacks than meals though.  We’ve never been to this one.
Skosh - AMAZING!  They have a Bib Gourmand and are likely to gain a Michelin Star in the future I reckon.  Furthest away option at 0.6 miles walk.  Probably not dog friendly.  Would definitely require booking.  Get the duck egg, then get another duck egg, yum yum yum!
So that's my food recommendations for evening meals.  Natalia has a great list of brunch or lunch places - I'll ask her to write a list for a future blog post :) 
Bye all, happy dining!
PS - If you want “day out” ideas, I wrote this list a while ago:  https://www.galtreslodge.uk/york-attractions.html