5 Walks Around York: Spending Springtime in the City

5 Walks Around York: Spending Springtime in the City

Are you keen to discover some of the best walks in York? 


Whether you’re looking for family friendly routes or somewhere to ramble with friends, we’re rounding up the best places to explore in the city:


  1. Walks Around York: Take a Ghost Tour

If you’re feeling brave, why not let Dorian Deathly take you on a spine-chilling tour of the blood-thirsty landmarks of York City Centre?


The tour, starting opposite us here at Galtres Lodge, will lead you to the most famous spots in the city with a terrible history, with Dorian Deathly sharing the grizzly details as you go.


The haunting tales of the 2000-year history of York will come alive in these gory tours.


  1. View York From the City Walls

For a scenic route, why not ramble around the perimeter of the city? The medieval walls encircle the city and are the longest in England.


The elevated walk will take approximately two hours, offering captivating views of York as you go.


The 13th-century walls once had moats - and although these are long gone, displays of daffodils line the slopes in the spring instead.


  1. Children’s York Museum Trail

York museum is filled with fascinating facts about the history of the city. You can discover the story of the city as it was during the times of the Romans, the Vikings and the Normans. 


Why not head out to the garden to discover the Children's Squirrel Trail? There are 10 checkpoints, and each one has an interesting fact for children to learn. 


Perfect for little legs, the walk takes a total of 20-45 minutes - and there's an interactive quiz to enjoy along the way.


  1. Walks Around York: The York Cat Trail

Have you heard about the York Cat Trail? For more than 2000 years, cats have been placed in buildings throughout the city.


It was believed that the cats could ward off evil spirits and bestow good luck and health on those who resided there. They would also be placed on buildings in the hopes that they would deter plague-ridden rats from entering. 


There are 22 cats hidden around York city centre, and it takes around an hour to find them all.


  1. The Best Walks Around York

The final route on our list of best walks in York is the one that leads you to our very front door. 


No matter where you are in the city, you can find your way to Galtres Lodge. We’re situated in the heart of the city on Low Petergate, just a stone’s throw from the impressive York Minster landmark. You can walk right in, and sit down with a well-deserved cocktail. 


We’ve recently acquired our own Forest branded coffee, so be sure to try out our fabulous espresso martinis!


If you want to stay for food, why not read our previous blog to discover more about eating out in York city centre?

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