The Role of a Chef | Meet Our Chef, Jeff Starkie

The Role of a Chef | Meet Jeff

This week, we’re exploring the role of a chef and getting to know our own chef, Jeff, a little better.


Jeff has been part of the Galtres Lodge team for many years. He's witnessed many changes along the way, including the recent transformation of our Forest restaurant.


Here, he shares details of his hospitality career:


The Role of a Chef: Meet Jeff Starkie

Jeff is our esteemed chef and is responsible for the many delicious dishes we create every day. Having worked here for an incredible 22 years, Jeff knows Forest inside out and is adept at creating menus to entice our regular customers as well as tourists.


Our menus include fresh, locally sourced ingredients where possible, and we update them each season. The role of a chef is to create a variety of interesting dishes to align with many factors, including available produce, the weather and seasonal celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. This ensures that our guests experience only the best food here at Forest.


Jeff, the mastermind behind our exquisite menu, carefully designs each dish, ensuring that even our traditional dishes have a unique ‘Forest’ flair.


The Role of a Chef: Working in Forest

On average, 8.4 million people flock to York every year to discover the rich history, diverse culture and stunning architecture.


Our central location offers an ideal place to eat, drink and stay for many of these tourists, ensuring we have a diverse and unique customer base. Our aim is to create an atmosphere that will appeal to the masses, whilst promoting as much of the city as possible in different ways.


Jeff said, “I enjoy working at Forest because the team is so friendly - we have a good laugh and get on very well with one another.


“I most of all enjoy the cooking aspect of my job - I love creating beautiful dishes to serve to our diverse range of guests. It can be challenging on busy nights, but it’s always satisfying when you get to the end of a busy, successful shift!


“York is a beautiful city and I enjoy working here. It’s great having the local pub nearby where I can interact with people on the other side of the bar.


“In a thriving restaurant with so many different people coming in and out every day, you have to be adaptable. In the role of a chef, there is always something new to learn, no matter how long you’ve been in the business.”


To book a table in Forest and try Jeff’s delicious menu, please contact a member of our team.

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